What People Say About Carolyn's Workshops

"One teacher has absolutely blown me away with how much she's internalized the training! She used your model to create a rubric and task cards for a Tic-Tac-Toe assessment for her 12th grade literature class after reading a Chang Rae Lee's novel, and the kid's projects were STELLAR! I was so impressed by the presentations I saw. SHE was so impressed that she sent some of the projects on to the author! She said the training was one of the best she's been to! Kudos to you! You really made a difference in her teaching."

"Carolyn Coil is always a treat! Great application pieces! My understanding of tools for differentiation is much greater than before. Thanks for the time, Carolyn."

"This session helped me to regain my perspective as an educator. The content was very rich and relevant. The presentation went above and beyond."

"Great practical ideas! Carolyn is always so real and practical, helps us to understand concepts easier!"

"Excellent! You are so detailed and down to Earth—very user friendly."

"Carolyn, you are always so inspirational! You make differentiation seem attainable. I always enjoy your useful workshops! Thank you for sharing your ideas to help oodles of teachers."

"I like that Carolyn makes connections to topics and implementation in our district. She is a great trainer. This empowers us to help other teachers."

"Absolutely awesome! I loved everything!"

"Fantastic presentation. Great tools to take away and use for those unmotivated students."

"This was a great interactive session."

"Thanks for walking us through the book and making it easier to use as a resource."

"Enjoy the practical applications and resources that Carolyn shares. Thanks Carolyn. I have some good ideas for high school, now."

"Carolyn Coil makes things simple and understandable."

"Well paced and well planned! Carolyn always does an excellent job—interesting and informative! Thanks!"

"Lots of great info ‚Ä great perspective!"

"Nice mix of humor, analogies, and information."

"Carolyn provided us with quick ways to integrate creativity and critical thinking. She allowed us to work in groups and participate in the session."