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Carolyn does a variety of stimulating and practical workshops. She is well regarded in the educational community both nationally and internationally. Read about Carolyn's expertise, types of training and overseas experience. Scroll down the page to read about the workshops that Carolyn offers. 

Carolyn custom designs keynotes, workshops and other training activities based on your specific needs and your requests.  For more information about scheduling Carolyn to come to your school, school district, group or region anywhere in the world, click here to e-mail her.

To find out more about Carolyn's online courses, click on this link: www.kdsi.org/carolyncoil

International Experience:

Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Bermuda, Germany, Spain, Marshall Islands, Japan, Croatia, Ecuador, South Korea, Canada, Mexico, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Abu Dhabi, and India.

Expertise in:

  • Common Core Standards
  • Response to Intervention (RTI)
  • Motivating Underachievers
  • Gifted Education
  • Differentiating Curriculum and Instruction
  • Assessment Strategies
  • Learning Styles/Modalities/Multiple Intelligences
  • Parent/Teacher Collaboration 
  • Creativity 

Types of Training Provided:

  • Sustained long-term professional development
  • Keynotes
  • Full day teacher workshops
  • Small group sessions
  • One-on-one teacher training and mentoring
  • Question and answer sessions
  • Study groups based on any of Carolyn's books
  • Train-the-trainer sessions
  • Developing curriculum with teachers
  • Presentations for Parents
  • Classroom visits with evaluative feedback
  • Student observations 


Carolyn working with a group of Teachers in Texas

Carolyn working at the EARCOS workshop in Uijeongbu City, Korea

The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education, 2014

Keynote Descriptions from Carolyn Coil

Carolyn will design a keynote specifically for your event, or you can choose one of the descriptions below.

Differentiation and 21st Century Learning

In this keynote, Carolyn highlights reasons why all 21st century students must learn to be both critical and creative thinkers. She introduces the Coil Horizontal and Vertical Differentiation Model? and shows how teachers in diverse classrooms can differentiate their instruction to meet the needs of all students. This keynote provides an excellent overview and is best when followed by one or more breakout sessions for more in-depth information and specific strategies on the ?how-to? of differentiation.

Educational Leadership in a Time of Change

Our world has become a global village, and this has immense implications for educators! Like the explorers of long ago, we are forging into new territory as we lead students to success in the 21st century. Change is never easy and it often takes determination, creativity, teamwork and imagination. In this motivational keynote, Carolyn helps us see our dreams, set our visions, and communicate them clearly. She then suggests ways we, along our students and our colleagues, might journey through change together.

Encouraging Achievement: Igniting a Passion for Learning!

So many of the mind sets common to 21st century life discourage rather than encourage achievement. How can we reverse this and be the encouragers, the nurturers and the promoters of student achievement? In this keynote filled with both enthusiasm and practicality, we will consider ways to encourage all of our students to be passionate about learning, persist and grow through times of failure and discouragement, and take responsibility for their own work.

From the 3R’s to the 4C’s

In this keynote, Carolyn looks back at education over the centuries. Factors that made for a ?learned?, educated, and wise person in prehistoric times, or even in the early 1900s, are not the same essential elements we need today. Enjoy Carolyn’s insight and humor as you journey with her through the centuries of educational change up through the present day.

Sparking Your 'Sparkle' Throughout the School Year

How can we spark our own enthusiasm? What are the keys to self-motivation? How do we encourage others? In this upbeat keynote, Carolyn answers these questions as she talks about developing and maintaining our 'SPARKLE' - Strengths, Participation, Attitude, Recognition, Kindness, Laughter, Enthusiasm and Energy.

Workshop Titles by Carolyn Coil

For a description of and information about any of the workshops listed below, email Carolyn at carolyncoil@comcast.net


  • Activities and Assessments for the Differentiated Classroom
  • Developing and Using Criteria Cards, Rubrics and Mini-rubrics
  • RTI and Progress Monitoring
  • Solving the Assessment Puzzle

Critical and Creative Thinking

  • Creativity x 4
  • Developing Critical and Creative Thinking Skills in the Standards-Based Classroom
  • From the 3 R's to the 4 C's
  • Standards-Based STEAM Activities & Assessments


  • Differentiating Curriculum Using the Common Core Standards
  • Differentiating Curriculum for Middle School Students
  • Differentiating Curriculum in the Multi Ability Classroom
  • Differentiating for Gifted Students in the Regular Classroom
  • Differentiating for Special Needs Students
  • Differentiation for English Language Learners (ELL)
  • Differentiating AP and Pre-AP Curriculum
  • Successful Teaching in the Differentiated Classroom
  • Train-the-Trainer: Successful Teaching in the Differentiated Classroom


  • Gifted 101: How Differentiation Can Benefit Your Top Students
  • 'Giftedness': What It Is -What It Isn't: How To Deal With Those Who Are 
  • Myths About Gifted Students and Programs
  • Motivating Gifted Underachievers


  • Parent-Teacher Collaboration
  • Top Ten Parent Questions


  • Challenging the ?Hidden? Gifted Underachiever
  • Encouraging Achievement: Persistence, Effort and Responsibility
  • Motivating Underachievers: Strategies for 21st Century Success
  • Seven Steps to Successful Student Achievement